Enlarge / You wouldn’t like Thor when he’s electric. (credit: Marvel Studios)
For nearly a decade, the Marvel comic universe has flourished in film by striking a very gentle balance between serious and silly. Heart and sarcasm appear in equal measure between Marvel’s many epic superhero fistfights.

These films take no shame in laughing at their odd, over-serious origins—and do so with obvious love and reverence for their source material.
Yet there comes a time when even that kind of solid filmmaking starts to feel rote, and that’s the unfortunate place Thor: Ragnarok lands.
It’s by no means a bad film, and it’s more nimble, entertaining, and likable than Marvel’s lesser-but-still-fine films of late (Ant Man, Avengers: Age of Ultron).
In spite of solid performances, appreciably kooky content, and a few scene-stealers, this third Thor film ultimately feels disposable, as opposed to a full-of-stakes entry like Captain America: Civil War or a wow-that-was-fun blast like Spider-man: Homecoming.
Not just the god of hammers
Thor: Ragnarok review: A quirky take on by-the-books fantasy-hero fare
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