Enlarge / Projected average temperature change by the last three decades of the 21st century for two greenhouse gas emissions scenarios. (credit: NCA4)
Information about the science and consequences of climate change has been removed from a number of federal agency websites since the Trump administration took over.

But some agencies like NASA seem to have continued their work unhindered.

And today saw the release of the fourth National Climate Assessment—an official summary of the current state of knowledge about climate change.
The heavily peer-reviewed report, following the last edition in 2014, is coordinated by NOAA, NASA, the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the US Global Change Research Program.

A group of US climate scientists volunteered to write the report, which gathers together the most recent peer-reviewed research into digestible conclusions about the causes and impacts of climate change.

No interference
A June 2017 draft was shared with The New York Times by someone who feared it might be censored by federal agencies during the final approval process.

But in a call with media, NOAA’s David Fahey (one of three coordinating lead authors of the report) responded to questions about censorship by saying he was “quite confident” that there had been no political interference with the contents of the report.

An initial review of the highlighted main points of the report’s “executive summary” shows only a few insignificant wording changes from the June 2017 draft.
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