Enlarge / A functional iPhone X, unlike the ones that went through recent stress testing. (credit: Samuel Axon)
As we suspected in our review, the iPhone X is not faring well in the first drop and durability tests.

Two different drop tests showed immediate damage to the device.
Consumer electronics site CNET ran a drop test from a height of three feet.

The glass at the corner of the phone cracked on the very first test, which dropped the phone on its side.

A second test dropped the phone on its face, leading to even more fractures.

CNET concluded that dropping the phone without a case is “out of the question.”
The damage CNET encountered was only cosmetic—a more extreme drop test from SquareTrade showed damage to functionality as well. SquareTrade is a company that offers protection plans for mobile devices, so it should be noted that the company has an incentive to convince consumers that their devices may be at risk.
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