By Jesse St. Laurent, HPE Chief Technologist, Hyperconverged & SimpliVity
Everyone seems to be looking for ways to be more “green” these days ­– hybrid cars, reusable grocery bags, etc.

And those in IT are no exception.

Traditional IT environments consume an incredible amount of energy resources, such as power and cooling.

The key for organizations focused on moving towards a greener data center is to emphasize efficiency in energy consumption and efficiency in IT processes and systems.
In other words, green IT needs to align to efficient IT.The road to a greener data center is paved both by small, incremental changes as well as monumental technology shifts.

Advancements in software often naturally lead to more energy efficient data centers.

For example, hard drives are now built to consume less power than in the past, new server features help reduce superfluous cooling costs, and data optimization techniques, such as inline and at inception deduplication and compression, lead to efficiencies in processing, storage, and backup.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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