We’re as stunned as you are, Rey. (credit: Lucasfilm)
During a Disney earnings call today, CEO Bob Iger announced plans for a live-action Star Wars TV series and a new trilogy likely coming after 2020.
The series will apparently be part of the previously announced Disney streaming service.
In August, Disney unveiled those plans after it acquired a video-streaming company called BAM Tech. Currently, Disney has an exclusive deal with Netflix for streaming its films and TV series; that deal began in 2012 and expanded last year.
Iger shared a handful of original projects in-progress for Disney’s streaming service, however. The first Star Wars live-action TV series rightfully garners headlines, but the CEO also noted series based on Monsters Inc., High School Musical, and a new Marvel property would be coming, too.  Further details like creative teams or time frames were not shared regarding those projects.
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