Enlarge / French national Mark Karpelès, former CEO of collapsed Bitcoin exchange Mt.

Gox, attends a press conference after his first hearing in Tokyo on July 11, 2017. (credit: QUENTIN TYBERGHIEN/AFP/Getty Images)
Despite the fact that he oversaw the period when Mt.

Gox went from the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange to a bankrupt and damaged company, CEO Mark Karpelès could stand to profit hundreds of millions of dollars.
According to The Wall Street Journal, because the value of claims by people who had bitcoins stored at the Tokyo-based site are calculated in the April 2014 exchange rate between bitcoins and Japanese yen, those creditors may miss out on Bitcoin’s meteoric rise over the last year.
Karpelès is currently on trial on embezzlement charges in Japan. He’s also the CEO of Tibanne, the company that now “mostly owns” Mt.

Gox, and has a cache of 200,000 bitcoins according to WSJ. So if that pool ends up being used to pay out claims, creditors fear Karpelès may get to do so at 2014 rates instead of 2017 rates.
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