Enlarge / A Google Fiber installation box in Kansas City, Kansas. (credit: Julie Denesha/Bloomberg via Getty Images)
Google Fiber’s gigabit Internet service has consistently been priced at $70 a month since it launched in 2012, but it’s now available for just $55 in the ISP’s latest city.
Google Fiber in San Antonio, Texas comes in just one speed tier, offering 1Gbps download and upload speeds at the rate of $55 a month.

Google Fiber charges $70 a month for standalone gigabit service in all other cities where it offers wired Internet service.
“[I]n San Antonio, we’ve priced our Fiber 1000 (1,000Mbps) service at $55 per month,” Google Fiber said in an announcement yesterday. “There’s no installation fee, no hidden fees, no contracts, and no data caps.”
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