Enlarge / Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong didn’t have a good year, and that may soon help inspire a new TV series. (credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images)
Sleepy Hollow showrunner Albert Kim will work on an untitled family drama for NBC featuring a cast almost entirely of Asian actors, The Hollywood Reporter reported today.

Even though no pilot order has been made yet, the announcement carries significance given recent studies about the lack of Asian-American representation on TV (Masters of None, Dr. Ken, and Fresh Off the Boat represented the first three Asian-American-led shows since 1994, Deadline noted).
The new project, however, caught attention for an additional reason—its subject matter.

According to THR, the project loosely draws inspiration from real-world drama familiar to any tech industry watchers.
“The untitled drama revolves around a family-owned Korean electronics corporation that is rocked when its CEO dies on the eve of launching their American subsidiary, with his will revealing the existence of a previously unknown heir,” the site wrote. “Kim based the original concept on Korean chaebols, multinational business conglomerates like Samsung that are run by single ruling families that often go through succession drama.”
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