Enlarge / Someone is (thankfully) missing here, and his name rhymes with “hot-mud-sand.” (credit: Warner Bros.)
This week’s feature-length Justice League film benefits as much as it suffers from a “can’t get any worse” reputation.

Between the diminishing returns of Zack Snyder as a filmmaker, a crowded cast of new-to-film DC characters, and the incredibly stinky shadow of Batman V Superman, you’d be foolish to go into the latest (and likely final) Snyder DC film with high hopes. Like, even if it’s adequate, that might seem monumental.
With that in mind, Justice League lands almost exactly where I predicted: as a mostly tolerable, occasionally fun, often ponderous, rarely logical attempt to unify the DC Comics film universe.
It doesn’t unseat Wonder Woman as the best DC Comics film in recent memory.
It’s certainly no Avengers, and, gosh, it isn’t even Avengers: Age of Ultron.

But it also won’t live in infamy as another one of DC’s midnight-movie laugh-a-ramas.
It’s just acceptably subpar.
Two outta three origins ain’t bad
If you’re desperate to have your pro-DC bias acknowledged, Justice League does kick butt at a couple of things.

The film has to juggle a whopping three film-universe origin stories, and it surprisingly succeeds at two of those.
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