I attended some meetings and the NESMA seminar in Germany last week, and as I was looking at flight options from New York City, I saw one on Singapore Airlines. Of course, I jumped on it.
Singapore might be one of the only airlines where I don’t feel like livestock for transport.

And my theory is proven yet again as I’m writing this article from 37,000 feet above sea level. The large domestic airlines and the major European carriers tend to take a lackadaisical approach towards quality of service.

There’s sort of a minimum standard, like you get peanuts with your drink and you can shut the bathroom door when in use.

But Singapore goes above and beyond.
Its flight crew really tries to be friendly and attentive: They still hand out toothbrushes and sleep aids, every seat has a power plug and a large TV, and they treat you with respect even if you’re not paying $5,000 for the flight.
Singapore runs a safe and efficient operation, but you can also tell it tries to make the flying experience as positive as possible. To read this article in full, please click here

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