Ron Amadeo

After launching the OnePlus 5 earlier this year, OnePlus is back with an end-of-year upgrade for the device.

The OnePlus 5T takes a winning formula—high-end specs with a low price tag and a metal body—and reworks the front of the phone to dedicate as much space as possible to the screen.

This device has a new screen, a new button layout, a new fingerprint reader, and a new camera setup.
It almost feel like a totally new device.
We liked the OnePlus 5 from earlier in the year, but with the more modern design, OnePlus has fixed OnePlus 5’s biggest downside.

The result is something that is extremely compelling—a $500 phone that makes you question exactly why you’d give $800 to those other OEMs when this has nearly everything the more expensive phones have.
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