Video shot and edited by Justin Wolfson.

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To the casual observer, Aston Martin cars might all look the same.

A long hood.
Voluptuous curves over the wheels. That iconic grille.
It’s a design language that you can trace back through the decades to the 1950s.
Sixty years later that formula is still being obeyed, but it would be a mistake to think that makes this car—the DB11—an anachronism. Underneath its gorgeous aluminum and composite body panels is the most technologically advanced machine yet to wear the winged badge.
It’s the first all-new Aston Martin in years, and race-bred aerodynamics, a clever twin-turbo V12 engine, and some 21st century electronics knowhow (courtesy of Mercedes-Benz) come together to create a gran turismo that’s as much PhD as 007. Over the course of a week and several hundred miles, I came away with the impression that if this car represents the future of the marque, that future will be rosy indeed.
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