Enlarge / Row upon row of vintage arcade games. (credit: Eric Bangeman) It’s Thanksgiving week in the US, and most of our staff is enjoying one last work-free afternoon where a trip to the movies or arcade is possible.

As such, we’re resurfacing this story of visiting the largest arcade in the US (you know, in case you need a small road trip this weekend).

This story originally ran on May 17, 2014, and it appears unchanged below.

“The largest video arcade in the USA,” boasted the website. “We’ve got to make it over there,” I told Deputy Editor Nate Anderson over IM one morning.

Galloping Ghost, an arcade located in the western suburbs of Chicago, was said to house well over 400 vintage games.

The combination of proximity and the desire to while away an afternoon in a warm, nostalgic gaming haze eventually overpowered our excuses not to go, so we made the trip.
As someone who came of age in the 1980s, games such as Ms. Pac-ManDonkey KongDefender, and Crazy Climber have a special place in my heart.

Too many Saturdays, I would hop on my bike, ride to the Aurora Mall, and exchange my paper route earnings for tokens at the arcade there.
I spent many an afternoon blasting aliens, gobbling glowing dots, leaping over barrels, and dodging bird poop and potted plants while climbing skyscrapers.

As the console games of the time felt like graphically inferior knockoffs of my arcade favorites, my video-gaming attention was focused first and foremost on the arcades.
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