In “Legacy QA in the devops age: reskill them or release them?” I outlined areas in which the legacy QA teams can be reskilled to support a combined-engineering devops team, and potentially other teams in your organization.
In this article, I present the first chapter of a general training outline that can then be modified for your needs, keeping in mind that both you and your QA team have a regular 40-plus-hour job to attend to.Back in 2014, I attended the Society for Information Management’s Simposium event.
In one of the workshops during a dialog session, the speaker asked an attendee who her biggest competitor was.

After thinking for a few seconds, she answered, “The status quo.” It was a carefully crafted answer on her part to not name a real competitor, but her answer is also true for many companies and teams. Resistance to change can be strong, but as a manager you must motivate your teams to adapt and learn. Hiring and retaining talent is arguably a manager’s most important job, after of course the safety and security of the team. Retaining talent is not just retaining people, but retaining people who can support the business needs of today and the future.To read this article in full, please click here

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