Tlohtzin Espinosa and Owen Spence

The original symphonic treatment for the game Destiny was long thought lost, thanks to it being shelved after a major staffing shake-up at developer Bungie.

But Destiny fans received quite the Christmas miracle—albeit a legally dubious one—when fans discovered and posted an apparent rip of the album in question, titled Destiny: Music of the Spheres.
The 8-track, 48-minute album leak, which is live as of press time at more than a few mirrors, was quickly confirmed as legitimate by two major contributors to the project: former Bungie composer Marty O’Donnell and former Bungie creative director Joe Staten. O’Donnell offered a “I think this is it” on Monday via Twitter, followed by an emphatic post of “Finally! #NeverForgotMotS.” Staten followed up with acknowledgement that Sir Paul McCartney himself sang a lyric Staten had suggested, then added, “Glad #MOTS is finally out for all to hear.”
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