There’s a common question that’s asked any time a company rolls out a new set of SDKs or APIs: “How do I get started?” That’s not the real question, of course.

At heart, it’s a placeholder for a more complex set of questions that boil down to this: It’s not a question of starting coding but a question of whether the platform can meet business needs.

Anyone can code a Hello World app, but not every platform can deliver a line-of-business application.Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform is a case in point.

A refactoring of the familiar Win32 and .Net APIs, it’s intended to be the future of Windows application development.

Alignment with the .Net Standard libraries makes it possible to use a single Visual Studio project to support both Windows desktop and cross-platform Xamarin applications, by keeping user interface code and core logic separate.To read this article in full, please click here

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