Enlarge / The UC3 Nautilus in early sea trials in 2008. (credit: Frumperino)
Today, Peter Madsen—the inventor, engineer, and owner of the world’s largest amateur-built submarine and head of the eponymous “Rocket Madsen Space Lab”—was formally charged with murdering Kim Wall, a Swedish freelance journalist who had been writing an article about Madsen.

Copenhagen Prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen says that Wall’s killing was premeditated and called the case “very unusual and extremely disturbing.”

Madsen is also charged with dismemberment, indecent handling of a corpse, and with “sexual relations other than intercourse of a particularly dangerous nature.” Madsen’s trial is set to begin March 8.
If convicted, Madsen would face a life sentence.

There is also a petition before the court to have him committed to a secure psychiatric facility indefinitely if he is determined to be mentally ill and to pose a danger to others.
Rocket man, U-boat commander
Madsen, who was once one of the founding members of Copenhagen Suborbitals—which describes itself as “the world’s only manned amateur space program”—had what could generously be described as a falling out with the group in 2014. “He had disagreement with the other members of the group for years, including the board,” a Copenhagen Suborbitals spokesperson wrote in a statement published in September. “This culminated in June 2014, and created a deep rift between Peter Madsen and the rest of us.”
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