For countless organizations, a new calendar year means new tech challenges and potential new strategies ahead.

Cloud technologies are so flexible with so many options that the best answer for a given organization may not be obvious.
It takes a bit of research to analyze what these options mean to an organization, so let’s explore the cloud technology scene for 2018.Multicloud vs. hybrid cloud
One of the most significant technology terms to emerge in 2017 was multicloud.

This technology approach uses several cloud components made up of both public and private services from more than one service provider.

Different than hybrid cloud, multicloud specifically uses multiple public clouds and joins them to serve one application. Hybrid is similar in that it uses different public and private cloud technologies to serve one application, but not necessarily from different vendors.

Either by circumstance or by strategic planning, as companies embrace this practice, one of the principal challenges they’ll face is in the field of security, compliance, and cost rationalization of the different options.

Ever more complex environments mean that greater risks are inevitable, and the beginning of a new year is an ideal opportunity for a thorough evaluation.To read this article in full, please click here

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