Imagine that you receive your monthly cell phone bill, and you are shocked to see how much you’re spending for your family-service plan.

A quick check of the bill’s details reveals one especially high-cost element: Your children are streaming a lot of television shows.Realizing this fact, you might decide to set up a new plan with your cellular service provider that includes more data.

A better approach, though, might be to just tell your kids to stop streaming so many TV shows.  Or to use WiFi instead.At a grander scale, this scenario is similar to one faced by companies that subscribe to public cloud services.
It’s possible to dissect your cloud services bill and identify ways – say, by reserving instances rather than purchasing instances on demand – to cut your costs.
Indeed, there are vendors that do exactly this type of bill analysis, and then recommend cost-reduction strategies.To read this article in full, please click here

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