If you ever liked Miitomo, you can log in to its graveyard period and claim a bunch of free clothes and items before the game officially expires in May. (credit: Nintendo)
March 2016 saw Nintendo finally release its first game for smartphones, and while it wasn’t one of the company’s classic franchises, the oddball Miitomo seemed like it might be a good smartphone fit.
Although the game attracted headlines and millions of downloads in its first week, it didn’t turn out to be a solid, classic Nintendo “social game” like Animal Crossing. Less than two years later, the app has already taken its first steps to a game-as-a-service graveyard, as Nintendo announced the game’s immediate freeze of paid microtransactions (MTX) on Thursday ahead of a full game shutdown on May 9. On that day, all login attempts will stop working, and all “Mii” characters made in the game will be trapped. (Log in ahead of the shutdown should you wish to transfer those Miis to other compatible consoles like the Switch and Nintendo 3DS.)
This announcement, like the ones we’ve seen for other dying-soon MMOs and online games, offers a consolation of free in-game items and bonuses for players who continue logging in until the final days.

The game’s Japanese site describes impending refunds for any unused paid currencies in the game, but we didn’t see similar text appear in the English-language announcement, perhaps owing to the default, non-refundable nature of MTX in shops like Google Play and the iOS App Store.
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