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If there’s one seemingly ironclad rule in video games, it’s that the suggested prices for hardware and software don’t get higher after launch day (aside from a few used game rarities, of course).

Enter Ubisoft, seeking to be the exception that proves the rule by introducing a $20 price increase for most versions of Rainbow Six Siege roughly two years after the game’s initial launch.
The price adjustment isn’t as simple as an across-the-board price hike for the same content, though.

For one, PC players will still have access to a $15 Starter Edition, which includes the full game but requires a lengthier gameplay grind to unlock playable “Operators.”
Players who want to reduce that grind have had to opt for the $40 Standard Edition, which was available on PC and console. Ubisoft says that option is going away and being replaced with a $60 Advanced Edition that includes 10 new Outbreak Packs—randomized loot boxes that include one of 50 cosmetic items.

Existing players will only receive four Outbreak Packs if they log in during a four-week in-game event, and all players can purchase more with real money (players can’t get duplicate items this way, so buying 50 packs guarantees the full set).
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