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Last week, we looked into the limited access and information for 4K Winter Olympics content in the United States—which was still confusing even one day before the opening ceremonies kicked off.

This search included my own roadblocks to getting compatible service working in my home.
Since then, I’ve had 4K Olympics service installed and streaming for a few days.

As such, I wanted to do my best to describe and even review the 4K content on offer.
I do this for a few reasons: because 4K Olympics access is very weird this year, and because, despite some limits, it’s still one of the more interesting test cases of whether sports are the true Trojan horse for wider 4K TV adoption.
Getting logistics out of the way
Let’s start with the providers.

As stated last time, DirecTV and Dish offer nationwide options, so long as you have a compatible 4K set top box. You’ll otherwise need to contact your local cable or satellite provider to see if its ecosystem of signals and set top boxes is compatible with the broadcast signal being distributed exclusively in the US by Comcast, the owner of primary Olympics broadcaster NBC.
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