The production of the Version 15.6 update to Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2017 IDE is now available, as is a beta version of Version 15.7.Where to download Visual Studio
You can download Visual Studio 15.6 from the Visual Studio website.

And you can download the Version 15.7 beta from the Visual Sudio website.[ Review: Visual Studio 2017 is the best ever. | Get started with Visual Studio Code, Microsoft’s lightweight editor for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. • Learn what’s new in the latest version of Visual Studio Code. ]
Next version: New features in Visual Studio 15.7
Version 15.7’s key new feature is compliance with the C++ 17 standard, with five C++ 17 features added to the compiler, as well as IntelliSense coding capabilities.To read this article in full, please click here

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