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Our purpose is to provide the right information to our readers. For obvious reasons, our information journey will of couse be ever changing, but from the outset we plan on the following: Break down and communicate knowledge relating to Cyber Crime, Cyber Security, Information Security and Computer Security. Use Risk Management practices to help in translating the technical aspects of the Risks, Threats and Vulnerabilities into business language. Communicate the appropriate Controls necessary to reduce the Impact and Probability. We will do this by: Identifying, collating and providing relevant information. Highlighting relevant News articles. Investigating trends and providing Analysis. Providing How-to tips and tricks to reduce the Threats and Vulnerabilities. Offering Products and Solutions designed to mitigate or defend against the risks. ------ Joe Woods, Editor and CTO

Akamai CSO Talks Cryptominers, IoT and the Reemergence of Old Threats

Andy Ellis, CSO Akamai, discusses how the company works with others within the cybersecurity landscape to help keep the internet safe.

Podcast: How Millions of Apps Leak Private Data

Threatpost's Tom Spring talked to Roman Unuchek, senior malware analyst at Kaspersky Lab, about his discoveries this week at the RSA Conference.

Electrify America will deploy 2,000 350kW fast chargers by the end...

484 new charging sites, split between 17 metro areas and highways in 39 states.

Apple may still depend on Samsung for OLED iPhone screens as...

Manufacturing problems may make LG miss the mass-production deadline.

Biometrics Are Coming & So Are Security Concerns

Could these advanced technologies be putting user data at risk?

Tiny krill appear to mix up the ocean

Each individual animal doesn't do much, but there's a lot of them.

Google gives up on Google Allo, hopes carriers will sort out...

After the failure of Allo, Google cedes control of Android messaging to the carriers.

Windows 10: Microsoft to boost Linux app security with Windows Defender...

Microsoft preps new Windows 10 security features to ensure system integrity during start-up and after it's running.

At RSAC, SOC ‘Sees’ User Behaviors

Instruments at the RSA Security Operations Center give analysts insight into attendee behavior on an open network.

HackerOne CEO Talks Bug Bounty Programs at RSA Conference

Can bug bounty programs be designed to protect consumer privacy and how do programs balance white hat disclosure versus companies sitting on vulnerabilities until they are fixed?

Netflix film examines why NASA shunned women astronauts in early days

Since then, NASA has begun to redeem itself by taking steps toward gender parity.

Ransomware, stolen data or malware: How do online crooks really make...

The cybercrime economy has "now become a kind of mirror image of contemporary capitalism", says paper.