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Our purpose is to provide the right information to our readers. For obvious reasons, our information journey will of couse be ever changing, but from the outset we plan on the following: Break down and communicate knowledge relating to Cyber Crime, Cyber Security, Information Security and Computer Security. Use Risk Management practices to help in translating the technical aspects of the Risks, Threats and Vulnerabilities into business language. Communicate the appropriate Controls necessary to reduce the Impact and Probability. We will do this by: Identifying, collating and providing relevant information. Highlighting relevant News articles. Investigating trends and providing Analysis. Providing How-to tips and tricks to reduce the Threats and Vulnerabilities. Offering Products and Solutions designed to mitigate or defend against the risks. ------ Joe Woods, Editor and CTO

Why (& How) CISOs Should Talk to Company Boards

The C-Suite needs to minimize cybersecurity risk in order to maximize its principal goal of attaining high-level, sustainable growth.

Hyundai Blue Link Vulnerability Allows Remote Start of Cars

Car maker Hyundai patched a vulnerability in its Blue Link software, which could potentially allow attackers to remotely unlock a vehicle and start it.

Police story differs from videos of man dragged from United flight

Two officers blame 69-year-old passenger for his injuries.

Amazon might use driverless vehicles to deliver packages in the future

But don't expect to see Amazon-branded autonomous cars any time soon.

xDedic Market Spilling Over With School Servers, PCs

Nearly two-thirds of servers and PCs peddled on the xDedic underground marketplace belong to schools and universities based in United States.

Drugs already in medicine cabinets may fight dementia, early data suggests

In mouse and cell studies, drugs shut down damaging stress response, protected brain.

Nuclear waste facility receives its first shipment since 2014 accident

Shipments to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant will ramp up in frequency through 2017.

IDG Contributor Network: My two cents on using the IHttpActionResult interface...

Microsoft's WebAPI has for quite some time been the framework of choice for building RESTful services that can work over HTTP. The IHttpActionResult interface has been introduced with WebAPI version 2 and provides a different way to send back responses from your WebAPI controller methods, and it leverages async and await by default.Essentially, IHttpActionResult is a factory for HttpResponsemessage.

The IHttpActionResult interface is contained in the System.Web.Http namespace and creates an instance of HttpResponseMessage asynchronously.

The IHttpActionResult comprises a collection of custom in-built responses that include: Ok, BadRequest, Exception, Conflict, Redirect, NotFound, and Unauthorized.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Employees Continue to Engage in Risky Online Behaviors, Study Finds

Dell Security's end-user security survey reveals common activities that could be exposing global organizations to security risk.

IDG Contributor Network: What was Linux like ten years ago?

What was Linux like ten years ago? Linux has improved by leaps and bounds over the last decade, and more and more people have come to appreciate its power and flexibility.

But a redditor recently wondered what it was like to run Linux ten years ago,...

VU#219739: Portrait Displays SDK applications are vulnerable to arbitrary code execution...

Applications developed using the Portrait Display SDK,versions 2.30 through 2.34,default to insecure configurations which allow arbitrary code execution.

Verizon bungles launch of $70 gigabit plan, which costs more than...

The real price varies by customer and depends on what you pay Verizon today.