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I have over 25 years experience in Information Technology and Information Security. In the last 7 years, my focus has been on Information Security and Risk Management, with day to day responsibility for managing all aspects of Information and Technology Risk Management (Information Risk, Technology Risk, Business Continuity and Cyber Crime). Previous roles included Solutions Architecture, Security Engineering, Network Engineering, IT System administration of Unix, Linux and Windows infrastructure services, IT Quality Assurance and Software Testing, IT Development. Specialties include: + Risk Management (Assessment, Threat Mitigation and reporting) + Cyber-crime – Anti-malware (Trojans, MITB, MITM, Viruses, Spyware), Anti-phishing (Fraudulent websites and scams) + Information Security, Ethical Hacking /Penetration Testing, ISO 27001 + Fraud management + Development and Testing + Infrastructure services, IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), + Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Live demo of Android Penetration Testing at Infosecurity Europe 2014

Pen Test Partners are performing live penetration testing against Android devices. infosecurity 2014

Eleanor Dallaway of Infosecurity Magazine discusses Day 1 of Infosecurity Europe...

Eleanor Dallaway, Editor & Associate Publisher Infosecurity Magazine discusses her highlights & thoughts from Day 1 at Infosecurity Europe

Day 1 Highlights from Infosecurity Europe 2014

Day 1 from #infosec14 - Security as a Business Enabler

Thales at InfoSecurity 2014

A quick look at the Thales stand and the wider exhibition at Earl's Court.

VASCO Data Security at Infosec Europe 2014

Jan Valcke, President & COO, Vasco Data Security tells us why authentication is important in today's marketplace and how Thales benefits his business.

Verisec at Infosecurity Europe 2014

Anders Henrikson, SVP Global Sales, Verisec stopped by the Thales stand to talk to us about cloud requirement trends.

Infosec 2014 welcomes Moscow

Various companies from Moscow are here again this year. This is one really great aspect of Infosec, in that there are companies from all over...

At Infosecurity Europe 2014 in London

We are visiting the infosecurity Europe 2014 event at Earls Court in London. We will be providing updates on key aspects of the event.


RC5 is a family of cryptographic algorithms invented by Ronald Rivest in 1994. It is a block cipher of variable block length and encrypts...

The IDEA Cipher

The International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA) cipher is a secure, secret, key block encryption algorithm that was developed by James Massey and Xuejia Lai...

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

AES is a block cipher that will replace DES, but it is anticipated that Triple DES will remain an approved algorithm for U.S. Government...