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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Why Size Doesn’t Matter in DDoS Attacks

Companies both large and small are targets. Never think "I'm not big enough for a hacker's attention."

SMBs Paid $301 Million to Ransomware Attackers

But small- to midsized businesses are taking a tougher stand against ransomware attacks, according to a survey released today of the 2016-2017 period.

OPM Data Breach Lawsuit Tossed, Fed Plaintiffs will Appeal

A judge ruled federal employees cannot sue for damages from the 2015 Office of Personnel Management data breach.

Iranian Cyberspy Group Targets Aerospace, Energy Firms

APT33 focused on gathering information to bolster Iran's aviation industry and military decision-making capability, FireEye says.

Cisco SMI Still Exposing Network Switches Online

The high number of exposed and vulnerable devices online has remained largely unchanged since researchers began exploring SMI in 2010.

Mobile Ransomware Hits Browsers with Old-School Techniques

Several types of malware sold on the dark Web advertise the ability to spy on Android smartphones, encrypt files, and demand payment.

Artificial Intelligence: Getting the Results You Want

Finding a vendor that doesn't claim to do AI is hard these days.

But getting the benefits you need and expect is even harder.

Software Assurance: Thinking Back, Looking Forward

Ten personal observations that aim to bolster state-of-the-art and state-of-practice in application security.

Black Hat Europe 2017: First Briefings Announced

We are pleased to announce the first Briefings selected for presentation at Black Hat Europe 2017!

SecureAuth to Merge with Core Security

K1 Investment Management, which owns Core Security, plans to acquire the identity management and authentication company for more than $200 million.

1.9 Billion Data Records Exposed in First Half of 2017

Every second, 122 records are exposed in breaches around the globe, a new report shows.

And that's doesn't even include the new Equifax breach data.

Get Serious about IoT Security

These four best practices will help safeguard your organization in the Internet of Things.