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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Most Federal Government Websites Lack Basic Security

HTTPS and DNSSEC not used across the board on agency websites despite federal requirements to do so.

Securing Today’s ‘Elastic Attack Surface’

The foundation of good cybersecurity is knowing your network.

But as organizations embrace new technologies, that simple task has gotten incredibly difficult.

Trojan Android App Bullies Google Play Users Into Giving It 5...

Users who download "Music Mania" get pounded by ads until they say uncle.

In Cybersecurity, ‘Sales Engineers’ Rake in Higher Salaries Than Tech Workers

Stop coding, start selling, and you could earn 50 percent more.

9 Phishing Lures that Could Hijack your 2017 Tax Refund

Scammers are taking an aggressive, social-engineering approach to tax season this year.

Researchers Find Multiple Critical Flaws In Confide Secure Messaging App

All flaws have been fixed, says maker of app purportedly used for secret communications by political operatives in DC.

In a Cybersecurity Vendor War, the End User Loses

When vulnerability information is disclosed without a patch available, users are the ones really being punished.

Fortune 1000 Companies See Security Ratings Drop

Fortune 1000 businesses report more breaches, and lower security performance, than their non-F1000 counterparts.

Black Hat Asia 2017: Securing Mobile Devices

Opportunities for phishing, ransomware, cryptocurrency mining and other attacks are endless. Understanding mechanisms for compromising Android and iOS systems is crucial to detecting and preventing security breaches.

4 Ways to Recover from a Cyberattack

Be prepared and act quickly are two key steps that will help you bounce back quickly from a cyberattack.

Trust, Cloud & the Quest for a Glass Wall around Security

In the next year, we're going to see a leap towards strategic, business-level objectives that can be resolved by simplifying infrastructure and granting greater visibility in real time.