Successfully Using Deception Against APTs

According to Illusive CEO Ofer Israeli, deception technology can provide a vital layer of protection from advanced persistent threats (APTs) by presenting attackers with seemingly genuine servers that both divert them from high-value digital assets and...

Securing Social Media: National Safety, Privacy Concerns

It's a critical time for social media platforms and the government agencies and private businesses and individuals using them.

Protecting Data Anywhere and Everywhere

SecurityFirst CEO Jim Varner explains how resellers and MSPs can work with their clients to ensure that all of their business-critical data everywhere can be kept safe from attackers and readily available for disaster recovery - even as threats intensi...

Addressing the Skills Shortfall on Your Infosec Team

Given intensifying threats and limited infosec budgets, Endgame CTO Jamie Butler suggests that security leaders deploy tools that leverage machine learning, chatbots, and other technologies to make Tier 1/Tier 2 staff much more effective at stopping ev...

Using Carrier Intelligence to Validate Mobile User Identity

To confidently validate the identity of mobile users without adding business-killing friction to login and on-boarding processes, Lea Tarnowski and Wendell Brown of Averon suggest leveraging the intelligence mobile carriers already have about their cus...

First Public Demo of Data Breach via IoT Hack Comes to...

At RSA Conference, Senrio researchers will show how relatively unskilled attackers can steal personally identifiable information without coming into contact with endpoint security tools.

How to Protect Industrial Control Systems from State-Sponsored Hackers

US-CERT recently issued an alert about Russian threat activity against infrastructure sectors. Is there a way to fight back?

Researchers Discover Second rTorrent Vulnerability Campaign

This time attackers appears to have spoofed the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and New York University (NYU) user-agents.

DHS Helps Shop Android IPS Prototype

A MITRE-developed intrusion prevention system technology got showcased here this week at the RSA Conference.

70% of Energy Firms Worry About Physical Damage from Cyberattacks

High-profile ICS attacks Triton/Trisis, Industroyer/CrashOverride, and Stuxnet have driven energy firms to invest more in cybersecurity, survey shows.

The Role of KPIs in Incident Response

Using KPIs can have a positive impact on the tactical and strategic functions of a security operations program.

Stopping Bots and Credential Stuffing: A Smarter Strategy

Patrick Sullivan, Senior Director Security Strategy at Akamai Technologies, explains why cybersecurity teams need better mechanisms for controlling bot activity - and why all bots are not created equal.