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Monday, October 23, 2017

Raytheon Foreground Security Talks Proactive Risk-Based Security

At RSA, Raytheon Foreground Security's president, Paul Perkinson, and chief strategy officer, Joshua Douglas discuss how to get proactive with advanced threat hunting and managed detection response.

Juniper Discusses The New Network & How To Secure It

At RSA, Mihir Maniar, Juniper Networks' vice president of security products and strategy, and Laurence Pitt, Juniper Networks' EMEA security strategy director, discuss how the network has not disappeared, it's just become more elastic.

Cylance Talks Third-Party Testing

At the RSA Conference, Chad Skipper, vice president of industry relations and product testing for Cylance, discusses the customs and controversies of third-party testing and verification of security products.

CA Technologies Views On How Machine Learning Is Powering The Next...

At RSA, Mordecai Rosen, SVP and general manager of security business for CA Technologies talks machine learning, analytics, and identity management.

Clinton Campaign Tested Staffers With Fake Phishing Emails

Campaign stressed good IT hygiene, according to manager Robby Mook, who said the fake phishing emails were used to gauge effectiveness of security training for staffers,

Russian-Speaking Rasputin Breaches Dozens Of Organizations

Attacker behind Election Assistance Commission hack now using SQL injection as his weapon of choice against universities and government agencies.

What To Do When All Malware Is Zero-Day

The industry needs new methods to fingerprint malware in order to determine who's behind breaches, and what can be done to stop them.

IoT Security: A Ways To Go, But Some Interim Steps For...

The Internet of Things remains vulnerable to botnets and malware, but Cisco's Anthony Grieco offers some tips to keep networks and users more secure

FBI’s N-DEx System Helps Unearth Credit Card Fraud Ring

An intelligence analyst used the N-DEx system to discover a 16-member gang cheating liquor and cigarette stores across eight states.

Microsoft Delays February Security Fixes

The company delayed its monthly Patch Tuesday update, which was supposed to replace detailed security bulletins with the "Security Updates Guide."

The 10 Most Cyber-Exposed Cities In The US

At RSAC, Trend Micro researchers showcase municipalities with the highest percentage of discoverable devices and systems connected via the public Internet.

Veracode Tackles App Sec & The Pace Of DevOps

At the RSA Conference, Pete Chestna, Director of Developer Engagement at Veracode, discusses the persistent challenges of both continuous delivery and relentless attacks on the application layer.