Live demo of Android Penetration Testing at Infosecurity Europe 2014

Pen Test Partners are performing live penetration testing against Android devices. infosecurity 2014

ShapeShifter: Advanced Website Defense

An inherent issue: the web was designed to be open, not secure HTML is, by its very nature, publicly readable code, which makes it easy...

Infosec 2014 welcomes Moscow

Various companies from Moscow are here again this year. This is one really great aspect of Infosec, in that there are companies from all over...

Encryption no protection from government surveillance

Microsoft, Skype and other online service providers regularly tell their customers that customer privacy is "our priority." Perhaps they should add a disclaimer, that...

At Infosecurity Europe 2014 in London

We are visiting the infosecurity Europe 2014 event at Earls Court in London. We will be providing updates on key aspects of the event.

Six Simple Steps to Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise risk management is a scalable, holistic approach to improved decision-making that consolidates and organizes risk information from across an organization. No longer limited to a risk manager’s monthly report, ERM is becoming a fundamental part of business success.

By embracing ERM and creating a risk management culture, organizations can drive business performance, innovation and growth, while protecting company reputation and shareholder value. For many businesses, demonstrating that they have a clear, auditable risk management process has become a critical factor in winning new business. Unfortunately, too many business leaders still perceive risk management as a complex undertaking.
In reality, there are six simple steps to follow for effective risk management, – regardless of the industry, vertical, size or scope of the project or company.