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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mac virtualization: Parallels and VMware want you to buy new versions

Parallels update is out today; VMware Fusion and Workstation coming in October.

Sennheiser Uses Helix ALM From Perforce to Accelerate its Agile-Based Development...

Minneapolis, MN, August 22, 2017 – Perforce Software, a provider of solutions to development teams requiring massive scale, visibility, and security along the development lifecycle, has announced that global audio product company Sennheiser uses Helix ALM to help manage the development of increasingly complex, multi-technology products.
Supporting Sennheiserrsquo;s mission to maintain and grow its renown for audio innovation, Helix ALM automates the management of compliance requirements, plus plays an integral part in Sennheiserrsquo;s progressive adoption... Source: RealWire

Tales of an IT professional sailing around the Antarctic loop

Even when it's -2 and you're 6,500-miles from your router, a good IT pro finds a way.

Calix First to Bring Booming Mesh Wi-Fi Opportunity to Service Providers;...

Service providers armed with mesh-enhanced GigaCenters can elevate their subscriber experience, increase revenue, and reduce service costs by offering cutting edge Carrier Class Wi-Fi solutionsPETALUMA, CA – August 22, 2017 – Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX), the world leader in Subscriber Driven Intelligent Access, announced the first mesh-enhanced Carrier Class Wi-Fi solution designed specifically for communications service providers. With this announcement, Calix is delivering mesh-enabling software upgrades to its GigaCenter solutions and adding the new 804Mesh... Source: RealWire

Windows security: Cryptocurrency miner malware is enslaving PCs with Eternal Blue

Stealthy and persistent cryptocurrency-mining malware is hitting Windows machines.

Windows security: Cryptocurrency miner malware is enslaving PCs with EternalBlue

Stealthy and persistent cryptocurrency-mining malware is hitting Windows machines.

IDG Contributor Network: Three devops practices to avoid the Thursday Night...

In a previous post, I described devops as an investment in team happiness.
It can mean actually looking forward to deployments, rather than fearing the Thursday Night of Dread.In particular, Irsquo;ve found three specific devops practices that go the farthest in boosting team morale:Fast feedback Developers feel most engaged when they know theyrsquo;renbsp;building something that works and adds value. You achieve this by creating a tight feedback loop, using test-driven development.

Before you write a line of code, you define the criteria for success and create an automated test suite to verify yoursquo;ve hit your goal.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Bunzl Australasia Launches B2B Web Shop with Intershop

Outsourcing Services becomes first Bunzl business unit with consistent B2B and B2C online customer experienceTablet devices used as sales productivity tool for account managersOnline product set to rise from 9,000 to 30,000Jena, Germany, 22 August 2017 – Bunzl Australasia Limited has launched its first B2B web shop with the help of Intershop.

The Bunzl Outsourcing Services (BOS) business unit distributes a wide range of products to a just as diverse range of businesses including food... Source: RealWire

Enigma ethereum marketplace hijacked, investors duped by phishing scam

The platform's compromise resulted in the loss of close to $500,000 in cryptocurrency.

After years of investigation, feds bust one of AlphaBay’s largest drug...

Suspect got this text: “Rule 101 in drug dealing... donrsquo;t be so fucking mean to people.”

Verizon to start throttling all smartphone videos to 480p or 720p

No 4K video allowedmdash;new bandwidth limits apply to mobile hotspots, too.

Get started with Azure Event Grid for serverless events

Microsoftrsquo;s Event Grid is an important addition to Microsoftrsquo;s serverless options, providing the back end needed to build distributed applications that can work at scale, with minimal management and orchestration.
It brings to Microsoftrsquo;s serverless tools an event routing fabric that simplifies subscribing to events raised by other Azure services and by external sources.Therersquo;s a lot to be said for using serverless computing models as the basis of a modern cloud application architecture.

For one thing, therersquo;s no need to worry about the underlying infrastructure, or even the network yoursquo;re using, reducing the management load on your application orchestration tools.

But serverless models, like Microsoftrsquo;s Azure Functions, are themselves limited, launching on demand in response to events.
If they donrsquo;t receive the appropriate signals, they donrsquo;t fire.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here