Ride-share upstart ‘Fasten’ revealed as Hive of insecurity

Like Uber but for leaking personal data: a million customer records left on unsecured Hadoop Boston-based ride-hailing hopeful Fasten has coughed to a million-customer data breach that happened because someone left a database lying around unsecured.…

CopperheadOS stops updates to thwart knock-off phone floggers

Hardened Android vendor found third parties eating its lunch The folk in charge of the hardened Android distribution CopperheadOS have run into problems with licence violations. Over the weekend, they temporarily disabled over-the-air updates for Nexus...

Bitcoin rival doubles in price in four days as Bitcoin price...

With Bitcoin mired in controversy, a rival called Bitcoin Cash is gaining ground.

Nearly 7 weeks after hurricane, more than 50% of Puerto Rico...

Power line failure dropped that number to 18% this week, but it has since been repaired.

Giving agriculture a global do-over could feed nearly a billion more...

Globally optimizing which crops we grow where cuts water use and feeds more people.

The end of Stranger Things S2 slays whatever early-season nitpicks existed

Reviewing episodes 7-9: OK, maybe wersquo;d skip 7 on a rewatch.

Enceladus heats up because its core is like a sponge

Water inside a flexible core is enough to keep the moon liquid for billions of years.

Dream Chaser flight test update: The video is pretty awesome

“The Dream Chaser had a beautiful flight and landing!”

Need for Speed: Payback can’t avoid its own bankruptcy

Poor driving and awful writing donrsquo;t justify a tremendous loot-drop grind.

Spatial audio is the most exciting thing to happen to pop...

REM's original album engineers tell Ars how they harnessed Dolby Atmos to blow us away.

Russia-linked Fancy Bear attacks abuse macro-less MS Word to infect PCs

Microsoft tells customers how to spot and block attacks.

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire: A 30-minute war in the grimdark future

Minis at war—but not a tape measure in sight.