Facebook removes 1.5 billion users from protection of EU privacy law

In anticipation of the EU's new GDPR rule, Facebook limits its legal umbrella.

Android Go review—Google’s scattershot attempt at a low-end Android OS

We dig through Google's stripped-down OS and several "Go" apps.

Google’s Project Zero reveals Windows 10 lockdown bypass

Google denies multiple requests by Microsoft for an extension to Project Zero's 90-day disclose-or-fix deadline.

​Oracle critical update fixes 254 flaws – so get patching now

Fixes for vulnerabilities spread across 20 products and a Solaris patch that addresses the Spectre processor flaw.

Where next for GitHub?

The beginning of April is GitHub mark 10 years since it launched out of private beta.

Though the San Francisco-based code repository startup is celebrating April 2018 as its official birthday, October 2017 is the company’s unofficial 10th anniversary; ...

The right way to pick a cloud database

It’s all the rage these days: moving on-premises data to the cloud.

But should you use cloud-native databases or databases that run both in the cloud and on-premises?There are trade-offs between the cloud-native (meaning “cloud-only”) and dual cloud...

2018 European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2018 winners are announced

[London, 20 April 2018] The winners in the European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2018 (www.iteawards.com) - the leading pan-European awards for resellers, ISVs, Solution Providers and Systems Integrators and their vendor and distributor partners &#8...

ZTE lashes out at US ban, vows to protect company

Chinese vendor describes US export ban as unacceptable, adding that it has invested significant efforts since April 2016 in ensuring compliance with export laws and, if necessary, will seek judicial recourse to protect its interests.

​Victoria wants data misuse provisions included in face-matching system

The Victorian government has asked for privacy safeguards and further clarification on who can access Australia's Face Identification Service before the Bill is set in stone.

Turnbull confirms Solomon Islands subsea cable

Malcolm Turnbull has cited Pacific Islands cybersecurity in affirming funding for a subsea cable to be built between Australia, Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea.

Oracle whips out the swatter, squishes 254 security bugs

Java fixes, Spectre Solaris patches issued Oracle has released its April security update, addressing a total of 254 security vulnerabilities across dozens of products.…

IDG Contributor Network: The 3 Cs from data to digital transformation

Without question, digital transformation has captured the attention of the world’s business community.

But digital transformation is really data transformation because the foundation is so frequently putting new sources of data to use.

Consider how ...