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Verizon accused of throttling Netflix and YouTube, admits “video optimization”

Verizon claims mobile video experience not affected; some customers disagree.

Paying people to preserve forests really seems to work

It's a cost-effective option for carbon management.

Mario Kart director philosophical about need for the blue shell

"You know, sometimes life isn't fair."

Yes, ancient civilizations on Mars sounds crazy. And yet…

If such civilizations really existed in the past, could we find them today?

Amazon will pay full price to US retailers to boost its...

Faster shipping and delivery means happier customers, even if Amazon takes a loss.

FDA not amused by coffee laced with Viagra-like drugs, issues recall

Chuckles aside, it could cause serious health problems in some.

Microsoft’s most baffling release yet, Surface Laptop is just a laptop

Review: The Surface Laptop is far and away Microsoft's least ambitious hardware.

But how does our ransomware make you feel?

Psychology of ransomware threats unpicked Ransomware crooks have become skilled psychological manipulators in their attempts to fleece victims of file-encrypting malware.…

Spectacular visuals, cheerfully silly tone rescue Valerian film

Bad ending, bad acting, but Besson nails that Fifth Element feeling, anyway.

Cloud app slow? Blame the app, not the cloud

Itrsquo;s 7:00 a.m., and yoursquo;re in the office early. Yoursquo;re hoping that nobody else is accessing the public cloud the company uses and that the inventory application will perform well for a change. However, even with just a handful of users on the cloud at that time of the morning, performance is still lackluster. The knee-jerk reaction is to blame the cloud provider.

The provider is, of course, the host of the application and data thus any performance problems fall on its shoulders, right? Wrong.Nine times out of ten Irsquo;m finding that performance issues are due to application design and the selection of enabling technology, rather than issues with the cloud infrastructure. Keep in mind that if yoursquo;re at capacity in a public cloud, you can simply add more. You can even scale on-demand as needed.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

JavaScript for squares: The incredible rise of TypeScript

JavaScript may be the language of the web, as Jon Udell wrote back in 2015, but itrsquo;s a language that forces us to “battl[e] the language itselfrdquo; as we try to apply it to more complex problems.

As Tom Dale, a senior software engineer at LinkedIn and a JavaScript luminary, more colorfully described it to me, “JavaScript is like the hippie parents who let you have premarital sex and smoke weed.” That sounds great, he notes, even liberating, but “eventually you resent that you didnrsquo;t have any structure and now yoursquo;re 32 and living in their basement.”To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

The London disconnect: connectivity woes hindering SME productivity

David takes on Goliath with UK's fastest growing independent connectivity provider, M24Seven, launching in the capitalLondon, 21st July 2017 – M24Seven, the UK's fastest-growing connectivity provider, run by former Sage MD Lee Perkins, is set to take on BT to level the playing field for digitally disadvantaged SMEs in the UK capital – with world-class connectivity.Nearly a third of London SMEs estimate they could have lost more than £10,000 per year due to connectivity issues,... Source: RealWire