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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Serverless computing may kill Google Cloud Platform

Google, which has had to claw its way back into cloud relevance in the shadows of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, suddenly finds itself playing catchup again, thanks to the rise of serverless computing.

Although Google Cloud Platform still trails AWS and Azure by a considerable margin in general cloud revenue, its strengths in AI and container infrastructure (Kubernetes) have given it a credible seat at the cloud table.Or would, if the world werenrsquo;t quickly moving toward a serverless future.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

What is Rust? Safe, fast, and easy software development

Fast, safe, easy to writemdash;pick any two.

Thatrsquo;s been the state of software development for a good long time now. Languages that emphasize convenience and safety tend to be slow (like Python). Languages that emphasize performance tend to be difficult to work with and easy to blow off your feet with (like C and C++).Can all three of those attributes be delivered in a single language? More important, can you get the world to work with it? The Rust language, originally created by Graydon Hoare and currently sponsored by Mozilla Research, is an attempt to do just those things. (The Google Go language has similar ambitions, but Rust aims to make as few concessions to performance as possible.)To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Unleash automation by the crowd with Mechanical Turk

Russell Smith is cofounder and CTO of Rainforest QA. Amazonrsquo;s Mechanical Turk, or MTurk, is a powerful, under-appreciated platform that allows you to allocate work to humans programmatically and at scale.

Businesses get access to a vast, scaleable workforce, and workers can select from a variety of tasks whenever they want to work. MTurk can get work done very quickly, with tasks performed in parallel by a multitude of workers. Part of its power lies in the fact that, while itrsquo;s programmable, tasks are written in plain English, meaning almost anyone can use it.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Stabbing fruits to breaking your skull: robot bugs make hacking too...

Researchers say that vendors are not doing enough to protect robots used in both our homes and manufacturing.

MyLife Digital partners and presents at MyData 2017 in Helsinki

Helping citizens claim their personal data rights 23rd August 2017, Bath, UK: Consent & personal information management specialists from MyLife Digital will present on the international stage at the MyData conference in Tallinn and Helsinki later this month.

Three speakers from MyLife Digital will contribute to the substantial programme of twelve different topic tracks, over the three-day conference which explores the future of the personal data economy.MyData 2017 takes place from 30th August to 1st... Source: RealWire

Founder of Support Revolution Named As ‘Tech Leaders Award’ Finalist

23 August 2017: Mark Smith, Founder and CEO of Support Revolution, a third-party support and maintenance provider of Oracle and SAP systems, has been named a finalist in this yearrsquo;s Tech Leaders Awards as ‘Disruptive Leader of the Yearrsquo;.

Founded in 2012, Support Revolution is the only UK headquartered, third-party support and maintenance provider of Oracle and SAP systems.

The company provides first-class support to Oracle and SAP customers whilst saving their customers between 50%... Source: RealWire

Data leak vulnerabilities patched in Fuze TPN portal

The bugs allowed sensitive user information and credentials to be stolen, as well as network traffic capture.

Adware API sends smartmobe data home to Chinese company

Google pulls 500 apps that used the Igexin SDK Mobile developers, listen up: when you pick up that easy-to-use advertising API, make sure it's not snoopware.…

Lottery-hacking sysadmin’s unlucky number comes up: 25 years in the slammer

Rigged a random number generator and tried to cash in The lottery sysadmin who fooled around with random numbers has a new variable to consider: how much up to 25 years he'll have to serve of his latest sentence.…

Feds drop demand for 1.3 million IP addresses that visited anti-Trump...

Despite warrant's language, feds say they didn't want disruptj20.org visitor logs.

DOJ amends request for data from anti-Trump site

The Justice Department attempts to allay First and Fourth Amendment concerns but continues to seek data on visitors to an anti-Trump website.b

Bethesda’s big VR games now have release dates, and they’re all...

QuakeCon news confirms that all will land on either PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, or both.