Windows Botnet Spreading Mirai Variant

A Windows-based botnet is spreading a Mirai variant that is also capable of spreading to Linux systems under certain conditions, Kaspersky Lab researchers said....

Squirrels, Not Hackers, Pose Biggest Threat to Electric Grid

According to Marcus Sachs, CSO with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, doomsday fears of a cyberattack against the U.S. electric grid are overblown.

SMTP Strict Transport Security Coming Soon to Gmail, Other Webmail Providers

SMTP Strict Transport Security is coming to major webmail providers this year, a Google engineer said at RSA Conference

Divide Between Work, Personal Data on Android Breached

Researchers demonstrate how malicious apps can break into secure Android work containers on EMM managed phones.

Cris Thomas on Cyberwar Rhetoric

Cris Thomas of Tenable Networks, aka Space Rogue of the L0pht, talks to Mike Mimoso during RSA Conference about the rhetoric and hype surrounding...

Turning Tables on Nigerian Business Email Scammers

Researchers from Dell SecureWorks infiltrated a Nigerian business email spoofing and business email compromise operation, shutting down a number of money mule accounts in...

VU#614751: Hughes satellite modems contain multiple vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Note VU#614751 Hughes satellite modems contain multiple vulnerabilities Original Release date: 15 Feb 2017 | Last revised: 15 Feb 2017

Google Touts Progress in Android Security in 2016

Google's Android security director touts 2016 mobile OS security accomplishments from encryption, improved APIs and new developer testing tools at the RSA Conference.

No Firewalls, No Problem for Google

Google secures its perimeter with explicit trust in what it knows about users and the devices connecting to its corporate services.

DHS Chairman Paints Bleak US Cybersecurity Picture

The United States is losing on the cyber-battlefield and face a bleak threat landscape, according to DHS chairman Michael McCaul.But, he says, there is...

Schneier Brings Campaign for IoT Regulation to RSA

Citing IoT insecurity, Bruce Schneier called on technologists to get involved with IoT policy at RSA.