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"Itrsquo;s more than a shot over the bow, itrsquo;s a shot into the hull of the ship."
Two-thirds of NYC homes have only one or two broadband options, city report says.
Chinese vendor describes US export ban as unacceptable, adding that it has invested significant efforts since April 2016 in ensuring compliance with export laws and, if necessary, will seek judicial recourse to protect its interests.
Engine maker urged more frequent inspections after previous Southwest incident.
The desktop app will continue to receive bugfixes until 2025.
First US commercial air fatality in 9 years caused by debris from jet engine fan, engine cover.

Leaking ads

We found that because of third-party SDKs many popular apps are exposing user data to the internet, with advertising SDKs usually to blame.

They collect user data so they can show relevant ads, but often fail to protect that data when sending it to their servers.
Health experts say outbreak is a "clarion call" for health authorities worldwide.
Clyburn, the "conscience" of FCC, advocated for net neutrality and poor people.
Russian authorities are demanding a universal key.

Telegram says it doesnrsquo;t exist.
Ride-hailing service waited a year to disclose hack that stole data of 25 million.
Uber has agreed to an updated settlement with the FTC after news of its massive 2016 data breach.