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"I work hard, and Irsquo;m smart, but I do have an uphill battle going forward."
This $250 Tizen watch could change the minds of some Android Wear fans.
Mostly compelling as a “so-close-yet-so-farrdquo; entry in competitive gaming laptop scene.
The Boring Company was started to bypass traffic, now sounds a lot like a subway.

Masha and these Bears

Sofacy, also known as APT28, Fancy Bear, and Tsar Team, is a prolific, well resourced, and persistent adversary.

They are sometimes portrayed as wild and reckless, but as seen under our visibility, the group can be pragmatic, measured, and agile.
There are three ways of doing things in the malware business: the right way, the wrong way and the way Brazilians do it.

From the early beginnings, using skimmers on ATMs, compromising point of sales systems, or even modifying the hardware of processing devices, Latin America has been a fertile ground for collecting credit and debit cards en masse.
Starting in a few week Chrome will no longer trust any Symantec digital certificate issued before June 2016.
A couple of days after the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, we received information from several partners, on the condition of non-disclosure (TLP:Red), about a devastating malware attack on the Olympic infrastructure.
“The question is, why do they not merge?”
Sure, the federal government has some pretty unique aspects when it comes to adopting the cloud.

Don’t let those obscure the key lessons that apply to all of us. Let’s first focus on people.Anybody remember Vivek Kundra? Back in 2009-2010, as the fi...
For the last few years, rooting malware has been the biggest threat to Android users.

These Trojans are difficult to detect, boast an array of capabilities, and have been very popular among cybercriminals.
Malware advances no longer focused on ‘traditional’ enterprise targets as cybercriminals expand their scopeAlmost 2 billion exposed credentials detected140% increase in TOR domains used as crimeservers 2016-20172 million stolen credit card ...