Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Uber continues disrupting old-fashioned notions of profit.
A combination of increased reporting and more software programs is causing vulnerability reports to rise by more than a third compared to 2016 and are on track to set a record.
Uber's been sued at least 11 times in just 1 week, faces new scrutiny from Senate.
Welcome to ransomware in 2017 – the year global enterprises and industrial systems were added to the ever-growing list of victims, and targeted attackers started taking a serious interest in the threat. It was also a year of consistently high attack numbers, but limited innovation.
Lawmakers wonder if biz known for regulatory contempt flouted rules Five US senators on Monday asked ersatz taxi biz and lawsuit magnet Uber to provide more details about how it allowed hackers in 2016 to pilfer personal information for 57 million cust...
Shifty and vague language provides a slippery slope to homeopathy.
The ride-sharing company's decisions leading to a 2016 data breach and its handling of the incident should serve as a cautionary tale for enterprises facing a breach.
A one-megawatt installation is planned; gigawatt installations could follow it.
Detailed look at accident reports shows 26.5% relative increase near Pokeacute;stops.
Being enthusiastic shoppers just like many other people around the world, at Kaspersky Lab we are, however paranoid enough to look at any Internet of Things (IoT)-device with some concern, even when the price is favorable.
So we randomly took several different connected devices and reviewed their security set up.
"Uber knew or should have known its security systems were inadequate."

Android commercial spyware

Therersquo;s certainly no shortage of commercial spying apps for Android, with most positioned as parental control tools.
In reality, however, these apps barely differ from spyware, with the exception perhaps of the installation method.