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Ravi Borgaonkar describes new 3G & 4G vulnerabilities that enable IMSI catchers to be smarter, stealthier snoopers.
The researchers say "very little" can be done to prevent stingray-style surveillance attacks.
The researchers say "very little" can be done to prevent stingray-style surveillance attacks.
Smart uses FTSrsquo; online charging and billing system to support its move to 4G LTEOr Yehuda, Israel | July 19, 2017: FTS, a global provider of billing solutions, today announced that Smart, a leading mobile operator in Belize, has successfully implemented FTSrsquo; real-time billing and charging solution to support its expansion into 4G LTE as it offers innovative services to its customers.Supporting Smartrsquo;s LTE, 3G and 2G networks on a single platform, FTSrsquo; Leaptrade; Billing... Source: RealWire
So why can it read scripts sent by SMS anyhow? TP-Link's M5350 3G/Wi-Fi router, has the kind of howling bug that gives infosec pros nightmares.…
Using NetChart to standardize its network configuration, TIM Brasil managed to enhance its quality performance indicators.Rio de Janeiro, 6 April 2017 – To help improve the quality of their LTE network, TIM Brasil have made the decision to add 4G capabilities to their existing Configuration Management platform NetChart.
Since 2013, TIM Brasil has used NetChart from Bwtech to standardize network configuration parameters of the 2G and 3G networks.

TIM Brasil, one of the largest mobile... Source: RealWire
Uberlandia, 9 March 2017 Brazil’s Algar Telecom has selected Bwtech’s NetChart to supervise its multi-vendor Radio Access Network and standardize the network configuration parameters to ensure the best possible user experience.

A unique combination of ease of use and flexibility via a single user interface with a comprehensive set of standard functionalities and features was cited as a major reason for selecting NetChart.

The partnership will enable the Algar engineering team to monitor their 2G,... Source: RealWire
T-Mobile under CEO John Legere doesn’t like to cede the spotlight to a rival carrier.

True to form, T-Mobile struck back at Verizon’s new unlimited plan late Monday as the “un-carrier” announced new features to bring its unlimited plan in line with Verizon’s.The new features to T-Mobile’s unlimited plan, dubbed T-Mobile One, include a monthly allowance of 10GB for mobile hotspot over LTE.

After hitting the 10GB limit, T-Mobile drops mobile hotspot users down to 3G speeds.

T-Mobile also added HD video streaming quality. Previously, video streams on T-Mobile One were limited to 480p resolution—standard definition.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
As increasing numbers of Drones take to the skies, the new Drone ID effort backed by AirMap and DigiCert aims to help provide identification and security. When a drone flies overhead, how can its owner be identified? That's a question that is not easil...
Mostly landfill Androids from odd places, but Lenovo makes the list too More than two dozen cheap Androids have been found to host pre-installed malicious apps capable of downloading persistent adware and making phone calls. The phones, which include Lenovo's A6000 and A319, were discovered bearing the pre-installed malicious apps by security researchers with antivirus firm Dr Web. Dr Web reckons resellers and firms in the supply chain are to blame. It says there are likely to be many more compromised handsets bearing the apps capable of quietly downloading various trojans from remote servers. Most of the downloads appear to be adware, a class of malware more irritating than dangerous, other than to the wallet of those who end up paying excess data charges. Mobile adware mostly strikes in China and Russia. Entire companies have been found pushing advertising malware apps onto devices, ignoring the option to steal passwords and data using the acquired root privileges. One firm based in Xingdu, China, was this year fingered for slinging the Hummingbad malware and was said to be making $US300,000 a month through some 10 million infected devices. Dr Web's researchers described a trojan which activates on boot and connects to its command and control to download configuration files when a WiFi connection is established. "The file contains information about the application that the trojan should download [and] covertly install," the researchers said. "Android.DownLoader.473.origin actively distributes the advertising program H5GameCenter that is detected by Dr.Web as Adware.AdBox.1.origin [which] displays a small box image on top of running applications that cannot be removed from the screen." Affected devices include the following handsets: MegaFon Login 4 LTE Irbis TZ85 Irbis TX97 Irbis TZ43 Bravis NB85 Bravis NB105 SUPRA M72KG SUPRA M729G SUPRA V2N10 Pixus Touch 7.85 3G Itell K3300 General Satellite GS700 Digma Plane 9.7 3G Nomi C07000 Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3021 3G Prestigio MultiPad PMT5001 3G Optima 10.1 3G TT1040MG Marshal ME-711 7 MID Explay Imperium 8 Perfeo 9032_3G Ritmix RMD-1121 Oysters T72HM 3G Irbis tz70 Irbis tz56 Jeka JK103 Lenovo A6000 Lenovo A319 Trojans found on Lenovo A319 and A6000 devices classified as Android.Sprovider.7 are built into the Rambla application providing access to an Android software catalog by the same name. Its unencrypted payload executes functions including the ability to download and install Android installation apps, open browser links, call dedicated phone numbers, throw top-of-screen ads, and update its main malware module. "Android.DownLoader.473.origin and Android.Sprovider.7 were incorporated into Android firmware because dishonest outsourcers who took part in creation of Android system images decided to make money on users," the researchers say. ® Sponsored: Flash enters the mainstream.
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reader comments 21 Share this story Dozens of low-cost Android phone models come preinstalled with apps that covertly download and install adware and other unwanted programs, researchers said. At least 26 phone models come preinstalled with a downl...

Malta, 28 November 2016: Smart Axiata Co., Ltd. (Smart), the leading mobile telecommunications operator in Cambodia, has partnered with 365squared, an international managed services provider specialized in revenue assurance and managed solutions, to remove the effects of spam for Smart’s subscribers and monetize its application-to-person (A2P) SMS traffic through the 365secure service. This service was successfully deployed for Smart in Cambodia in October 2016 to help deliver a better service for more than 8 million Smart subscribers and provide new revenue opportunities.

Fraudulent SMS messages delivered through grey routes damage mobile network operators’ (MNOs) reputation by delivering spam messages to end user subscribers. The innovative 365secure service monitors and filters SMS traffic from any source on a 24/7 basis.

365squared logo

365secure ensures that Smart has peace of mind that SMS traffic is under control, subscribers are fully protected and that monetization of SMS traffic terminating on the network is guaranteed.

“The addition of Smart to our client portfolio is proof that 365squared’s managed solutions guarantee mobile network operators monetization of SMS traffic terminating on the network,” commented Tonio Ellul, CEO, 365squared. “This partnership highlights our strong organic growth as a key player in the market, especially in Asia. We are very excited to be working with Smart.”

Thomas Hundt, CEO of Smart Axiata said: “Spam messages are disliked by everyone. The partnership with 365squared stands on our desire to strengthen customer relationships based on trust. By filtering intrusive and uninvited messages we provide to our customers peace of mind and therewith step up our customer experience efforts further.”

The fully comprehensive 24/7 managed service provided by 365squared ensures that Smart subscribers are fully protected from unwanted spam and potential security threatening application-to-person (A2P) messages. The 365secure service also provides Smart with detailed traffic analytics and reporting thanks to the proprietary 365analytics software.


About 365squared
365squared is an international managed services provider to the mobile network operator community. Working with mobile network operators (MNOs) across the globe, and with a global presence, 365squared’s commitment is to eliminate loss of revenue from international SMS termination, generate new revenue by monetizing application-to-person (A2P) SMS traffic, and to protect customers from spam and fraudulent SMS. 365squared offers a complete end-to-end managed service ensuring its client, MNOs, secure the maximum revenue opportunity and the best customer experience. For more information about 365squared, please visit www.365squared.com/.

About Smart Axiata, Cambodia
Smart Axiata Co., Ltd., a leading mobile telecommunications company of Cambodia, serves currently over 8 million subscribers under the 'Smart' brand. Smart Axiata is part of Axiata Group Berhad, one of the largest telecommunications groups in Asia with over 300 million subscribers in 10 countries across the region.

In January 2014, Smart launched its 4G LTE network and became the first and only mobile operator in Cambodia to provide true 4G services. 4G LTE powered by Smart, the fastest mobile Internet in Cambodia, is now available in 25 key provincial capitals as well as other key provincial cities. Smart also provides 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 3.75G mobile services, supporting the very latest in multimedia and mobile Internet services as well as international roaming across more than 190 countries. Its extensive nationwide network coverage now covers more than 98% of the Cambodian population.

Through its partnership with Apple, Smart is the one and only telecom operator partner of Apple in Cambodia being able to offer iPhone’s and iPad’s. Smart moreover is the exclusive partner of Universal Music in Cambodia. Being a strong advocate of digital innovation, Smart has launched various ranges of value added services and digital services such as SmartLuy, Smart Life Insurance, SmartPay and Smart Music.

Smart Axiata was recognized as Cambodia’s Mobile Service Provider 2016 by Frost & Sullivan following the Asia Pacific Emerging Market Telecom Service Provider of the Year Award in 2015. In that same year, Smart Axiata was also awarded as the Best Telecommunications Company Cambodia 2015 & 2016 and Best CSR Company Cambodia 2015 & 2016 by Global Banking & Finance Review.

The company's workforce consists of more than 1000 people including local and foreign experts. Smart is committed to its customers, employees and the people of Cambodia in delivering its promise of improving their lives. "Live. Life. Be Smart."

For more information about Smart Axiata, please visit www.smart.com.kh.


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