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YouTube’s “VR180” format cuts down on VR video’s prohibitive requirements

VR in only 180 degrees is easier to stream and fits traditional video content better.

Microsoft’s Albert Penello on Xbox One’s “post-X” future

For now: “No one should be embarrassed... buying an Xbox One Srdquo;

Surface Pro review: Incremental improvement isn’t enough

It's the best Surface Pro yet, but that no longer makes it the best 2-in-1.

Destiny 2 on PC: 4K, GTX 1080 Ti, all the eye-candy

Sure, the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro support 4K too.

But who wants to play at 30FPS?

First impressions: Xbox One X doesn’t quite bring the “wow!” factor

Our initial thoughts on the new hardware, plus a look at upcoming Xbox software.

Microsoft’s Spencer: Xbox One X is not the console “most people...

Exec says new system will fill a market hole for "true 4K" console graphics.

Pirates dance around AACS 2 encryption to offer UHD Blu-Ray movies...

Available over the last few weeks, questions remain as to whether the encryption protocol has been cracked.

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is coming to PC in glorious...

Features a new soundtrack, sharper visuals, and online multiplayer via Xbox Live.

Xbox One X: Everything you need to know

The Xbox One X (neacute;e Scorpio) is here! But is it enough to take down the PS4 Pro?

Anthem is Bioware’s open-world sci-fi shooter with jetpacks

There's a strong resemblance to Destiny, but 4K footage on Xbox One X looks stunning.

Minecraft to receive its first top-engine visual overhaul since 2010 debut

"Super-Duper Graphics Pack" retains blockiness, goes crazy with particles, shadows.

Forza Motorsport 7 lands on Windows 10, Xbox One consoles October...

First mainline Forza coming to Windows 10; includes world premiere of actual new Porsche.