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Boing Boing linked to an Imgur-hosted archive thatrsquo;s since been taken down.

Spam and phishing in 2017

The share of spam in email traffic in 2017 fell by 1.68% to 56.63%.

The lowest share (52.67%) was recorded in December 2017.

The highest (59.56%) belonged to September.
In 2017, the Anti-Phishing system was triggered 246,231,645 times on computers of Kaspersky Lab users as a result of phishing redirection attempts.
Consider it a wakeup call for websites – it's time to end the scourge of awful banners Starting tomorrow, Google, which makes most of its money from online advertising, will begin blocking egregious ads in its Chrome browser under limited circumstances...
Disc etched with "femtosecond laser on quartz silica glass," can hold 360TB.
Googlersquo;s ban on lock-screen ads probably has something to do with it.
JenX is building an army of routers that can be used in for-hire attacks.

Every little bitcoin helps

It often happens that inventions and technologies that start out good end up turning into dangerous tools in the hands of criminals.

Blockchain is no exception to this rule, especially in its most common cryptocurrency incarnation.

The attacks targeted employees of small companies, but such emails could be sent to any userrsquo;s personal mail.
Taxes aside, revenue was up 12 percent, and operating income up 10 percent.
Magnet, one of the UK’s largest specialist kitchen retailers, believes that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and this is reflected in their latest television advertising campaign.

The new campaign called for an emotional narrative that would...
BERLIN, GERMANY - January 22, 2018: The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Germany announces the addition of leading companies to its board including Verve, a leading location-based mobile marketing platform that connects advertisers with consumers to ...
This language is wired for sound Usenix Enigma  HTML5 is a boon for unscrupulous web advertising networks, which can use the markup language's features to build up detailed fingerprints of individual netizens without their knowledge or consent.…
Google removes four extensions that used infected computers in click fraud scheme.