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Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Looking back at a year like 2017 brings the internal conflict of being a security researcher into full view: on the one hand, each new event is an exciting new research avenue for us, as what were once theoretical problems find palpable expression in reality. On the other hand, as people with a heightened concern for the security posture of users at large, each event is a bigger catastrophe.
The mid-season finale left us wondering who the bad guys and good guys really are.
The authors of malware use various techniques to circumvent defensive mechanisms and conceal harmful activity. One of them is the practice of hiding malicious code in the context of a trusted process.

Typically, malware that uses concealment techniques injects its code into a system process, e.g. explorer.exe.

But some samples employ other interesting methods. We're going to discuss one such type of malware.
Recognizing surfaces and edges key to picking out distorted characters.
Particle physics data sorted by quantum machine learning but still needs work.
This time, the Go-playing algorithm didnrsquo;t need any human players to help it.
In May 2017, Kaspersky Lab researchers discovered a forum post advertising ATM malware that was targeting specific vendor ATMs.

The forum contained a short description of a crimeware kit designed to empty ATMs with the help of a vendor specific API, without interacting with ATM users and their data.

The price of the kit was 5000 USD at the time of research.
Dubious search results have led YouTube to “accelerate the rollout of planned changes.”
They took an electron microscope and remade it to take images of single molecules.
React 16, the latest version of the popular JavaScript library for building UIs, goes live today, with a rewritten core for better performance.Dubbed “React Fiberrdquo; during its development, React 16 is a rewrite of the React core, improving perceived responsiveness for complex applications via a new reconciliation algorithm.[ Also on InfoWorld: 6 best JavaScript IDEs and 10 best JavaScript editors. | Keep up with hot topics in programming with InfoWorldrsquo;s App Dev Report newsletter. ]Key features of the React 16 include:To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
In the field of information security, sandboxes are used to isolate an insecure external environment from a secure internal environment (or vice versa), to protect against the exploitation of vulnerabilities, and to analyze malicious code.

At Kaspersky Lab, we have several sandboxes, we will look at just one of them that was customized to serve the needs of a specific product and became the basis of Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform.
Avast's recent acquisition spreads a backdoor signed with its own certificate.