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The silk proteins themselves are involved in locally increasing the laser power.
See the booster from launch, into MaxQ, and through the first stage's return.
Tasteful mix of classic levels, new ideas bolstered by amazing design, tight controls.
"I think this is somewhat dangerous," Scott Pace has said of commercial crew.
"Master of All Science" creators gave The Simpsons and Futurama the same treatment.
SpaceX has brought competition into US aerospace. And it only gets hotter from here.
"Alex, we have seen that your IP address has been compromised."
The Upside Down is back, and it looks like it's about to eat the world.
The Amazon Alexa platform is on a roll, now crammed with more than 15,000 “skills,” up from 10,000 in February, as reported by Voicebot. While this sounds amazing, the reality is that the vast majority of Amazon Echo customers donrsquo;t know 99.999 percent of those skills exist. Worse, there seems to be no viable way for anyone to discover what all those skills are.So while Amazon keeps fanning the flames with developer outreach like the upcoming Alexa Dev Days, Amazonrsquo;s far larger problem is Alexa skill discovery, not skill development.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
By stimulating one region of the brain, scientists create mouse supersoldiers.
The dark, weird novel gets an adaptation that looks stunning and smart.
DynamoDB, a fully-managed NoSQL database, is an impressive piece of technology, and itrsquo;s amazing that AWS has opened it for the entire world to use. What took millions of dollars in RD to build – a product that services millions of queries per second with low latency – can be effectively rented for dollars per hours by anyone with a credit card.

For those who need a key-value store that can store massive amounts of data reliably, there arenrsquo;t many better options.While DynamoDB generally works quite well, itrsquo;s inevitable that we all run into issues.

A few months ago at Segment, my colleagues wrote a detailed blog post about our own DynamoDB issues. Mainly, we were hitting our rate limits due to problems with our partitioning setup – a single partition was limiting throughput for an entire table.
Solving the problem took a superhuman effort, but it was worth it (to the tune of $300K annually).To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here