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This time, you can trust the cloud Magic Quadrant

The latest Garter Magic Quadrant report for cloud infrastructure is out. Usually, the release of a Magic Quadrant means I have to correct its findings when talking to my clients. Enterprises take these as gospel, managing by Magic Quadrant—and as a result picking their technology, often the wrong technology, for the wrong reasons.This time, I have good news: This cloud Magic Quadrant is one you can trust.In that chart, every provider in the upper right (the execution-plus-vision leadership quadrant)—Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google—is truly a provider that matters in the IaaS space.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

13 reasons to ditch AWS for another cloud

Amazon Web Services clearly dominates the field. One of the first clouds, AWS is todayrsquo;s leading choice for good reason.
It offers so many options and services under its virtual roof that itrsquo;s nearly impossible to summarize the breadth.

There are dozens of machine types to choose from, dozens of ways to store data, and hundreds if not thousands of software packages you can use to build out your environment.

Thatrsquo;s the definition of the 800-pound gorilla in the cloud.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story)

Preservica Achieves AWS Education Competency Status

Oxford, UK and Boston, US - June 15, 2017 - Digital preservation specialist, Preservica, announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Education Competency status.

This designation recognizes that Preservica has demonstrated technical ...

Preservica Achieves AWS Government Competency Status

Oxford, UK and Boston, US - June 15 2017 - Digital preservation specialist, Preservica, announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Government Competency status. This designation recognizes Preservica as a high quality, trusted servi...

Console Connect announces agreement with The Bunker to provide interconnection capabilities...

Deal will develop Console Connectrsquo;s position in financial sector and improve the data sovereignty options of The Bunkerrsquo;s customersLondon, UK, 13th June, 2017 – Console Connect, a leading provider of global direct connect solutions, today announced a deal with The Bunker, the ultra-secure Managed Services Provider.

The agreement will provide a secure means of data transmission between The Bunkerrsquo;s ex-MOD facilities and private and public cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services.The agreement also represents an... Source: RealWire

WP Engine Expands Global Footprint With New Amazon Web Services Data...

AWS Data Center Increases Availability, Performance, & Privacy Compliance for Growing Global Customer BaseLondon, UK – June 12, 2017 – WP Engine, the worldrsquo;s leading WordPress digital experience platform, today announced it is expanding its global footprint with new Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centre availability across North America for its 60,000+ customers. Recently named an Amazon Advanced Technology Partner, WP Engine offers a range of enterprise-grade, high resiliency, high availability solutions on the WordPress-optimised... Source: RealWire

The 10 tools every modern developer should use

Years ago, all you needed to be a developer was an editor, a compiler, and hopefully some kind of revision control system. (Sadly, many developers still donrsquo;t use revision control systems properly.)These days, you need to know more even for basic software development. Herersquo;s the top 10 list of tools every modern developer should know and use:[ The art of programming moves rapidly.
InfoWorld helps you navigate whatrsquo;s running hot and what's going cold. | Keep up with hot topics in programming with InfoWorld's App Dev Report newsletter. ]
Git and GitHub: Although there are companies that still use Subversion or CVS even, let alone the awful Clearcase, you probably shouldnrsquo;t work at one of them.

Git is now a basic skill like tying your shoes or spell checking. SSH: Yeah, I know: Yoursquo;re a Windows developer and you donrsquo;t know no stinking shell.

But yoursquo;re going to run into having to create an SSH key or do other SSH stuff.
So you may as well learn now. Terminal Services or remote login: Even if yoursquo;re a Linux or Mac person, sooner or later yoursquo;ll have to deal with Windows.

These tools are how you will connect in. Amazon Web Services: AWS isnrsquo;t just cloud, it is the reason you donrsquo;t have to wait on IT.

There are other cloud providers, but yoursquo;ll have to deal with AWS sooner or later.

AWS has gotten so big that you canrsquo;t know all of AWS any more, but you do need to know at least the EC2 stuff. JavaScript: You donrsquo;t need to know it cold, but this is the scripting language of the now.
If a product or tool is going to add a scripting API, it will probably be for JavaScript. Bash and PowerShell: Sure, more modern devops tools are handy, but sooner or later something isnrsquo;t going to work and it wonrsquo;t have quite what you need.
So, expect to need to know how to write a basic restart script, grab an error code from an exiting command, or do a few things in a loop.

Thatrsquo;s what Bash (in Linux, many Unixes, MacOS, and Windows 10) and Microsoftrsquo;s PowerShell let you do.

Bonus: Add a tool like Grep (PowerShellrsquo;s equivalent Select-String is more wordy) and yoursquo;ll be an even more powerful deity. MongoDB: You need to know how to work with at least one document database. MongoDB is the easiest to learn. Whether yoursquo;re ultimately going to use MongoDB isnrsquo;t relevant; what matters is learning how to deal with a new-generation database.
If yoursquo;re going to use an index like Apache Solr, which is document-shaped, or yoursquo;re going to work with a more columnar structured database, the MongoDB skills will transfer. Curl and Invoke-RestMethod: Most software now has a REST API. On Mac and Linux, Curl is the command-line tool that lets you test and tweak and even script against a REST API.
In PowerShell, it is Invoke-RestMethod (although like everything on PowerShell, it requires more typing).

There are GUI tools like Postman that accomplish the same work, but a serious developer needs to be able to move past a point-and-click interface for efficiencyrsquo;s sake. Markdown: This is the format of the README.md file in GitHub. You should be able to read and write a simple Markdown document.

And thatrsquo;s easy because it has just seven symbols: (# is a header, ## is a subheader, * is a bullet, __ and ** are bold, _ and * are italics, ` is monospace, and --- is a break or rule). Markdown editors often have extensions but those are the basics.

From that basic markup language, you can get slides, PDFs, and HTML. Often these output formats can be consistently formatted with CSS or some other way.

Best of all, you donrsquo;t end up with smart quotes in your code samples. Basic HTML: I canrsquo;t make a decent-looking web page to save my life; Irsquo;m a back-end developer.

But whether yoursquo;re going to stub something out or have to parse HTML, you will need to know basics of the web markup language. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

BrandPost: The Rise of Hyperconvergence and Composable Infrastructure Threatens Public Cloud’s...

By Paul Miller, HPE Vice President of Marketing, Software-defined and Cloud Group 2006 was an important year in the annals of cloud computing history.
In the spring of 2006, just about 11 years ago, Amazon launched Amazon Web Services, known more co...

GitHub Enterprise users get project management, data access improvements

GitHub has added data access tools and advanced project management to GitHub Enterprise, the on-premises version of the companyrsquo;s code-sharing platform.Here are the notable features in GitHub Enterprise 2.10, whichnbsp;can be installed on a userrsquo;s own hardware or on a cloud service such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure:[ Explore the power of the graph — the Microsoft and Office Graph, that is — in your apps: Microsoft Graph: The APIs to Office 365rsquo;s hidden riches • Microsoft Graph and Microsoft Teams reshape Office • Cortana moves way beyond being a personal assistant. | Keep up with hot topics in programming with InfoWorld's App Dev Report newsletter. ]Thenbsp;GraphQL APInbsp;to helpnbsp;developers to build their own tools with greater access to data via the same API used to build GitHub itself.  Project boards give users are provided a history of project activities, including notifications as to which team member was behind each action. For project reviews, a filter prioritizes pull requests, such as a request for items still awaiting review, an approved pull request, or requests that are ready to be merged. Users also can specify who is permitted to dismiss reviews on a protected branch. Version 2.0.0 of Git LFS (Large File Storage), which offers an early version of file locking, to prevent multiple updates at the same time. Administrators can configure API rate limiting, which can prevent overuse of resources, from the management console. To organize repositories, administrators can manually add tags to repositories for search and discovery.

Topics can be designated for adding relevant data and group repositories by languages used, project functions, or teams responsible for maintaining a repository. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Sensitive DoD Data Discovered on Unprotected Server

Researcher found unsecured repository of 60,000 documents of sensitive US data on a publicly exposed Amazon Web Services "S3" bucket used by government contractor Booz Allen Hamilton.

Defense contractor stored intelligence data in Amazon cloud unprotected

Booz Allen Hamilton engineer posted geospatial intelligence to Amazon S3 bucket.

Focusing on the cheapest cloud price could cost you more

Amazon Web Services really leads the way in determining market price for cloud services, and the second-, third-, and lower-tier cloud providers try to price their cloud services below that of AWS to steal its business.

That is, until AWS drops pricesmdash;again.Enterprises that focus only on cloud usage prices are missing the bigmdash;and more importantmdash;picture.[ To the cloud! Real-world container migrations. | Dig into the the red-hot open source framework in InfoWorldrsquo;s beginnerrsquo;s guide to Docker. ]For example, say that you move 100 applications and their linked data to a public cloud provider.
It charges you a certain usage price for compute and storage, which is set at the time you provision those resources. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here