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As enterprises push more application workloads into public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, high cost is emerging as a major pain point. Purchasing separate cloud instances for each workload takes the effi...
Amazon Web Services may be the biggest cloud vendor by far, but it’s not the world’s biggest open source contributor.

And some people aren’t ready to let the cloud giant forget it.For example, Iguaz.io CTO Yaron Haviv says that AWS is just “putting ...
London, 16 October 2017 - State Secretary for the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Reynir Joacute;hannesson will open Datacloud Nordic in Oslo, Norway.

BroadGroup’s pioneering networking and business deal-making event for the data cente...
Deep learning systems have long been tough to work with, due to all the fine-tuning and knob-twiddling needed to get good results from them.

Gluon is a joint effort by Microsoft and Amazon Web Services do reduce all that fiddling effort.Gluon works ...
Global consulting firm Accenture is the latest giant organization leaving sensitive internal and customer data exposed in a publicly available Amazon Web Services S3 storage bucket.
The AWS Re:invent conference is coming up, and predictions are starting to fly around what Amazon Web Services will announce there.

A sure bet is that it will announce some sort of deep learning cloud service. Of course, Google, Microsoft, and IBM w...
Oracle CEO Mark Hurd claims he doesnrsquo;t “really worry so much aboutrdquo; Amazon Web Services.

That statement is either profoundly disingenuous or utterly ridiculous. Or perhaps Hurd and Oracle chairman Larry Ellison, who launched this weekrsquo;s Oracle OpenWorld by fixating on AWS, trying mightily to convince attendees that AWSrsquo;s cloud pales in comparison to Oraclersquo;s cloud.You know, the same Oracle cloud that canrsquo;t even muster a Top 10 place in Gartnerrsquo;s list of leading IaaS providers.

For IaaS, Gartner pegs AWS cloud revenues at more than 80X times Oraclersquo;s.

Even in the PaaS market, where Oracle has seen more growthmdash;bumping up from 1.1 percent market share to 2 percent in 2016mdash;itrsquo;s still just a tenth the size of AWS, which saw its PaaS share boom from 13.7 percent to 19.8 percent in the same period.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
At this weekrsquo;s Oracle OpenWorld conference, Oracle chairman Larry Ellison announced his companyrsquo;s new autonomous database product. However, Larry being Larry, he took several minutes to disparage Amazon Web Services, especially its Redshift database technology.AWS dominates the cloud market. Now that Oracle is fully committed to gunning for the exploding cloud marketplace, AWS stands in Ellisonrsquo;s crosshairs.
Henri Binsztok is chief innovation officer at Wallix and co-creator of the Awless open source project. When the cloud was just about virtual machines, tools like Chef or Puppet helped us easily prepare our VMs.

The only thing that mattered was to p...
The entertainment giant is the latest company to misconfigure its Amazon Web Services S3 cloud storage bucket.
There are a few people who are truly savvy about cloud computing, but most are just posers.Here is a quick test to see if yoursquo;ve got the right stuff.[ What is cloud computing? Everything you need to know now. | Also: InfoWorldrsquo;s David Linthicum explains how to move into a cloud career from traditional IT. ]Do you understand that serverless does not actually mean it is serverless? If yes, give yourself 10 points. Do you believe “cloud formationrdquo; is actually a formation of rain clouds? If yes, take away 5 points. Do you believe “cloud governancerdquo; means Amazon Web Services is obeying the law? If yes, take away 5 points. Do you think that “identity managementrdquo; is inside your wallet or purse? If yes, take away 5 points. Do you know that Kubernetes is a container-orchestration tool, and not a new Eastern religion? If yes, give yourself 15 points. Do you think cloudops is the opposite of cloud computing? If yes, take away 5 points. Can you can name 20 AWS services, and include 10 APIs for those services? If yes, give yourself 20 points. Have yoursquo;ve used the term “cloudrdquo; more than 100 times today? If yes, take away 10 points. So, whatrsquo;s your score?To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Google, which has had to claw its way back into cloud relevance in the shadows of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, suddenly finds itself playing catchup again, thanks to the rise of serverless computing.

Although Google Cloud Platform still trails AWS and Azure by a considerable margin in general cloud revenue, its strengths in AI and container infrastructure (Kubernetes) have given it a credible seat at the cloud table.Or would, if the world werenrsquo;t quickly moving toward a serverless future.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here