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Now is a good time to go check your own Amazon settings.
It's OK, we'll wait Yet another major company has burned itself by failing to properly secure its cloud storage instances. Yes, it's Verizon.…
Verizon is the latest company to leak confidential data through an exposed Amazon S3 bucket.
Analytic platforms as a service (PaaS) could shorten machine-learning learning curve.
Therersquo;s yet another cloud service from AWS: Amazon Lex, which lets developers build conversational interfaces into applications for voice and text.
It usesnbsp;the same deep learning technologies that power Amazon's Alexa voice assistant.Lex lets you quickly build natural language conversational bots, aka chatbots. Microsoft has a similar technology, called the Microsoft Bot Framework. This seems to be a common service that most public cloud providers are looking to provide, not to mention many third parties that offer chatbot technology as well.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Do you have a ball of tangled up wires and adapters somewhere in the bottom of your bag? This Universal Electronics Accessories Travel Organizer provides a flexible organization solution for your electronics and computer accessories.
It helps make you better organized with all the small items and gadgets.  Made of durable and weather-resistant nylon with well padded semi-flexible covers.  It's compact size ofnbsp; 8.8ldquo; x W 6.1"allows it to easily stored in you laptop bag or backpack.  This travel organizers typical list price of $18.99 has been reduced 53% to just $9. See this deal on Amazon.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
A compact power bank, a car jump starter, and a LED flashlight, all fit into a minimal and portable design. Whether it is your car or your USB devices, never run out of power again.
Store it in the glovebox or simply drop it in your bag. Have a concentrated 14000mAh source of power always with you -- enough for up to 20 vehicle jumpstarts or many device recharges before the unit itself needs to be recharged. RAVPower's jump starter typically lists for $160 but is currently discounted 62% on Amazon to just $64.
See the discounted car jumper now on Amazon. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Any enterprise architects worth their salt can tell you how strategic enterprise architecture (EA) is, but the fact is that most EA programs struggle. The problem? Getting the enterprise to act strategically in the face of the need for immediate results in firms moving at a breakneck pace.It takes leadership and single-mindedness to attain the customer-obsessed business model: being customer-led, insights-driven, fast, and connected. The winners of the 2017 Forrester/InfoWorld Enterprise Architecture Awards did just that; they exemplify how to achieve meaningful business impact while pursuing the EA agenda.[ Docker, Amazon, TensorFlow, Windows 10, and more: See InfoWorld’s 2017 Technology of the Year Award winners. | Cut to the key news and issues in cutting-edge enterprise technology with the InfoWorld Daily newsletter. ]Our winners this year each has a compelling story of EA best practices, as described on the following pages.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Today’s consumers are highly reliant on their mobile applications. If apps don’t work, users won’t use them—it’s that simple. To require an Internet connection for mobile applications is to live in the past. If apps rely on a connection, odds are high that the experience will be sluggish and unpredictable.[ There’s more than one way to build a mobile app. See 25 simple tools for building mobile apps fast. | Keep up with the hottest topics in programming with InfoWorld’s App Dev Report newsletter. ]To avoid reliance on the network, providers of databases and cloud services have added synchronization and offline capabilities to their mobile offerings. Solutions like Couchbase’s Couchbase Mobile, Microsoft’s Azure Mobile Services, Amazon’s Cognito, and Google’s Firebase offer the all-important sync that enables apps to work both online and offline. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Startup envisions hundreds of drone delivery stations across metro areas.
Googlersquo;s new hardware will give you sticker shock in both directions.
The entertainment giant is the latest company to misconfigure its Amazon Web Services S3 cloud storage bucket.
Amazon pairs compelling features with excellent build quality for $150.