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Crooks find poorly secured access credentials, use them to install stealth miner.
Non-Prime members get some cash back, toomdash;just not as much.
This full-fledged, easy-to-tote first aid softpack is designed to save time and frustration in the midst of an emergency.
It's compact and portable, but contains 299 physician-recommended supplies.  Among the items neatly organized inside the zipper...
With this smart plug from Etekcity, you can turn your appliances on/off remotely from your mobile device, or with your voice via Alexa. Or automate the on/off cycle with a schedule.

The plug also monitors and helps control energy usage, and the slow...
A new DNA study explores where the extinct Taino came from and where they went.
Lawyer: Pinedo "had absolutely no knowledge" of buyers' identities or intentions.
Thousands of documents from US and international citizens were exposed on an Amazon S3 bucket configured for public access.
Company stored customer passports, driver licenses, and more in public Amazon bucket.
Another day, another exposed Amazon S3 server.
Launched in 2011, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has had to do some catching up to market leader Amazon Web Services (AWS), its most direct competitor as a purer cloud play.

But Google had no experience servicing large enterprise IT, and so has spent seve...
The near monopoly a few companies have on hosting the internet may appear to be irreversible, but powerful economic and technological forces are leading us towards an internet no longer consolidated around datacenters.
Instead, the software services...
Apple's first smart speaker feels exclusively designed for its most ardent fans.