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It’s been more than a decade since Amazon launched Elastic Compute Cloud and forever changed how businesses consume compute resources. Over the years, the popularity of cloud computing has continued to grow.

That’s because many businesses are attrac...
Like Mad Libs for Alexa, "blueprints" take a fill-in-the-blank approach to skills.
Best Buy will carry TVs with Amazon software and will sell TVs on Amazon.com.
The trend of streaming TV adaptions of classic sci-fi works continues.
Conversational user interfaces are a focus for many businesses as they are becoming more widely adopted.

Colossal brands like Amazon and Google are investing in the technology around voice interfaces, which is fueling the demand.

As a result, these ...
Russian censors up ante in effort to block secure chat by political opposition.
Plus deals on Jaybird exercise headphones, Vizio and Sony 4K TVs, and more.
Russia's quest to stop encrypted messaging app Telegram also blocks thousands of Amazon, Google addresses.
Plus deals on Amazon Fire devices, a LG OLED TV, Dell laptops, and more.
Starting today, the popular Ring Video Doorbell is only £89 April 12, 2018—Seattle, Wash., Santa Monica, Calif.& London, UK—(NASDAQ: AMZN)—Amazon and Ring today announced that Amazon’s acquisition of Ring is complete.

The t...
Plus deals on gaming PCs, 4K TVs, SSDs and external hard drives, and more.
You may not have heard of OpenSCG, but Amazon Web Services has.

A week ago, AWS quietly acquired the PostgreSQL migration services company founded by PostgreSQL veteran Denis Lussier. While some PostgreSQL fans weren’t happy about the move, the Open...