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Saturday, November 25, 2017
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Morgan Marquis-Boire resigned from Citizen Lab back in September 2017.
This time of year is an ideal hunting ground for hackers, phishers and malware spreaders; disguising their attacks as offers too good to refuse, a concerned security message from your bank requiring urgent attention, a special rate discount from your credit card service, and more.

CompuServe Forums, RIP

Over two decades of discussion and bad advice about to be deleted.

APT Trends report Q3 2017

Beginning in the second quarter of 2017, Kaspersky's Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) began publishing summaries of the quarter's private threat intelligence reports in an effort to make the public aware of what research we have been conducting.  This report serves as the next installment, focusing on important reports produced during Q3 of 2017.
Less than a quarter of world has freeish internet communication While America explores quite how much its election was interfered with by outsiders, the news isn't good for the rest of us, according to independent watchdog Freedom House.…
Too early to talk gun control, not too early to bork iPhone security While US President Donald Trump thinks it's too early to discuss gun control in the wake of Sunday's Texas church massacre – America's latest mass shooting – his Deputy Attorney Gener...
Diplomatic and government organizations in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Argentina are being targeted by what Symantec says looks like a nation-state actor.
Colt will further extend its network expansion strategy to better serve the needs of its multinational customer base06 November 2017 - Colt Technology Services today announced plans to upgrade and future proof its transatlantic, transpacific and Asian ...
Researchers embrace the kelp highway hypothesis in “a dramatic intellectual turnabout.”
Solid enough, but this feels like a footnote in the crowded Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Code not finished or properly tested, lack of staff, and more, Senate warned Analysis  In 2020, America will run its once-a-decade national census, but the results may not reflect reality if hackers manage to have their way.…
Bug-bounty program would exempt participants from federal hacking laws.