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Esurance finds car technology can be a help and a hindrance.
Google can answer "when will you be home?" using your location and traffic data.
Latest version of AndroRAT adds ability to steal browsing history, take front facing photos, screenshots and more -- and millions of older devices are potentially vulnerable.
Google's new mobility management framework makes great strides in addressing security and device management concerns while offering diverse deployment options. Here are the pros and cons.
After shipping just 3.9 million units in 2017, Google has a lot of retail work to do.
One attack sneaks coin-mining malware onto 4,300 sites.

Another targets Android users.
Researchers say that at least 60 million visits have been forcibly made to malicious Monero sites in what represents the first large-scale cryptocurrency campaign targeting mobile.
The update is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and soon, Linux.
The "Not secure" label will go where the padlock would go for an encrypted connection.
This weekend will mark two years since Qualcomm's last smartwatch chip was announced.
Having endorsed Kotlin as a language for Android development last year, Google is now previewing beta extensions to improve the Kotlin development experience.Called Android KTX, the extensions are designed to make writing Kotlin code more concise an...
According to The Information, Google has been working on this for the past two years.