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This $250 Tizen watch could change the minds of some Android Wear fans.
The initial developer beta of Google's forthcoming Android P operating system looks to entice developers with enhancements for Kotlin coding, machine learning, and application compatibility.The use of Kotlin as a supported language in Android Studio...
We play "spot the differences" with the Android P Developer Preview.
Researchers find 150 Ramnit-infected apps a year after a similar batch was discovered.
At Black Hat Asia, two security experts will bypass security improvements added to Android by equipment manufacturers.
Preview the next major version of Android with the Android P Developer Preview.
The two years of major OS updates is over for the Nexus 6P, 5X, and Pixel C.
Android P could give even the most ardent iPhone fans a run for their money.
For the last few years, rooting malware has been the biggest threat to Android users.

These Trojans are difficult to detect, boast an array of capabilities, and have been very popular among cybercriminals.
Google is warning a critical vulnerability found in its Media Framework warrants extra attention by security minded Android users.
Step 1: first, make Clang support Windows.
A new feature would allow Cortana to read you your emails during your commute.