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Skygofree is among the most powerful spy platforms ever created for Android.
Sophisticated nasty also able to listen in based on location Mobile malware strain Skygofree may be the most advanced Android-infecting nasties ever, antivirus-flinger Kaspersky Lab has warned.…
NEWS ANALYSIS: Microsoft is halting all updates, including security updates, on Windows systems with badly-behaved antivirus products.

But you can fix this problem.
Your antivirus must be compatible with Microsoft's Meltdown-Spectre fixes for you to get patches this month or in future.
Users of some third-party security software won't get Windows security updates that address critical CPU flaws until their antivirus applications are patched.
You're fondling our kernel wrong, grumbles Microsoft Microsoft's workaround to protect Windows computers from the Intel processor security flaw dubbed Meltdown has revealed the rootkit-like nature of modern security tools.…
"Alarming evolution" of Flokibot bypasses antivirus software and was likely built by a group of advanced attackers, researchers say.
Antivirus firms play patch catch-up, as Microsoft releases Meltdown firmware updates for Surface devices.
Check your anti-malware tool unless you like BSoDs Microsoft has released updates for Windows to block attempts by hackers and malware to exploit the Meltdown vulnerability in Intel x86-64 processors – but you will want to check your antivirus software...
Microsoft says your antivirus software could stop you from receiving the emergency patches issued for Windows
CPU hardware implementations are vulnerable to cache side-channel attacks.

These vulnerabilities are referred to as Meltdown and Spectre.
This is your phone on mining software.

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