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Sunday, September 24, 2017
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Microsoft, Cisco, and VMWare among those infected with additional mystery payload.
Avast's recent acquisition spreads a backdoor signed with its own certificate.
OK, OK, well the 2.27 million victims were not Reg readers Antivirus firm Avast has admitted inadvertently distributing a trojanised version of CCleaner, a popular PC tune-up tool, for nearly a month, infecting an estimated 2.27 million users.…
That gives me a great idea, says Putin – payback Updated  US big box retailer Best Buy has pulled from its shelves Kaspersky Lab's PC security software amid fears of Kremlin spies using the antivirus tool to snoop on Americans.…
So stopping antivirus software from spotting malware is now a feature? A design flaw within the Windows kernel that could stop antivirus software from recognizing malware isn't going to be fixed, Microsoft has said.…
87 percent of small and medium-sized enterprises surveyed by MYOB consider themselves safe from cyber attack because they use antivirus software.
Who needs actual evidence when you're scared about Russia? US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) simply can't wait to banish Kaspersky Lab's antivirus from American government computers on the grounds it's a security risk.…
Hackers exploited app bug, then advertised data in underground forums, researchers say.
Endpoint experts discuss the evolution of AV and its shift from stand-alone product to a feature in broader security tools.
One good thing about having a lot of Facebook friends is that you simply act as a honey pot when your friends click on malicious things.

A few days ago I got a message on Facebook from a person I very rarely speak to, and I knew that something fishy was going on.
In Q2 2017, the average share of spam in global email traffic amounted to 56.97%, which was only 1.07 p.p. more than in the previous quarter. One of the most notable events of this quarter – the WannaCry epidemic – did not go unnoticed by spammers: numerous mass mailings contained offers of assistance in combating the ransomware.